Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memories of our parents

It's been a very difficult day.....6 years ago today, my mom passed on. I miss her terribly every day, but the pain is a little sharper today, and the tears have been flowing.

It's funny how little things will bring back memories. A smell, a sound, a glimpse of something, and you are back in time, reliving a day. I've been blessed enough in my life that memories are treasures to me.

I see my mother-in-law showing me the quilt she just finished, pointing out the parts that had been left-overs from a dress she made. I see her working in the kitchen, or sitting in her recliner, crochet work in her hands.

I see my father-in-law telling stories about his sawmill, accentuating each story with a wave of his work-enlargened hands. I hear him reciting the scriptures, and talking of how if people would just follow The Word, we wouldn't have as many problems in the world.

I see my dad, teaching me how to use his band saw. I hear him telling the stories of his youth. I hear his laughter, and see his eyes twinkle with the pride he had in Jessica and Kevin. I hear his rich bass as he sings beside me in church. I feel his arm around me when he would take me on the carnival rides when I was a little girl.

And, I see my mom, before Alzheimer's stole the last years from us. She's kneading bread to the beat of the 50's music she loved to listen too. She's hoeing the weeds in the garden. She's canning applesauce, she's sewing new clothes, she's listening to my day's events. She's being my mom, and my best friend.

George and I were both blessed with Christian parents. Were they perfect? No, just like he and I haven't been perfect parents. But they were GOOD parents, good friends, good advisors. Good people, the kind we need more of in this world.

We miss them, everyday. Some days worse than others, but everyday. And, we're thankful we had them, everyday.

So many times, I wish I could still go to mom and get her advice. But then I realize that I pretty much know what she would say. Our parents may be gone physically, but they are still very much alive in our hearts and minds.

If your parents are still here on this earth, tell  them you love them. And listen to their laughter. Keep that sound forever tucked in your heart.

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Jo said...

Barb, this is a beautiful tribute ... I can tell you put your heart into this one.

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