Monday, March 21, 2011

Windows, windows, windows...and a cat

George and I spent much of this weekend cleaning windows. Not our house windows (though they do need it!) No, these windows are from an auction - where George bought almost 200 of them!!! We've been taking a few at a time into the store, and had the rest stashed under Kevin's deck. With summer coming, it's time to get them all out of there.

I wish I had a picture of when they were ALL there. It was an impressive sight, if not a little overwhelming. Make that a LOT overwhelming!

These windows had been stored for who knows how many years in an old barn. To say they got dirty there would be a severe understatement. It would simply be too much work to clean each window thoroughly, but we do get the worst of  the dirt off of them before we take them to the store. And, we knock the glass panes out of most of them. They sell better that way, and they are much easier to handle without the extra weight.

The one's below have been washed, and have the panes removed. The worst of the peeling paint has been knocked off, though they will keep chipping off more.

There are 32 windows in the trailer, we took them into the store Saturday afternoon. I had to do some rearranging, but I got them all out on the floor.

Time to tackle another batch under Billy's careful supervision.

When we first brought the windows out, they would have completely filled the space in this photo, plus lots more. The stack of glass behind Billy is panes we have taken out. We're lucky when they come out in one piece. When they break, (and there's always a couple that do in each one), we have a mess to clean up.

Billy doesn't miss checking a single pile. He is very thorough.

He is also a multi-tasker. He can check the windows and keep an eye out for mice all at the same time.

One might be coming up behind him from this-away.

Or that-away.

One might sneak up from behind.

Or from below!

You just never know!

After 3 days of being Window Supervisor & Chief Mouse Patrol Officer, Billy was a little tired. When he finally decided to lay down, we thought the least we could do was turn the lights out for him so he could get a decent night's rest.

So, if you need an old window to decorate with, you know where to come.

 (Sorry - Billy's not for sale)

And hey! Happy Birthday to George today! I love you!!!!!!!!!

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