Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new perspective

Any guesses as to what these are? Or what they used to be?

I'll give you a hint..........when something doesn't sell as it originally was, we take it apart.

It started with 3 old pump organs we took apart. If they had been in working condition, we wouldn't have done that, but the first 2 we had were already falling apart, so we finished the job. Such cool architectural pieces in old organs! They sold quickly.

The next organ we bought was complete, though we didn't know if it worked or not. We tried selling it for several months, no one was interested. One day George happened to be here, and they had the street in front of the store shut down for repairs of some sort, so no one was coming in. He went to the back, got a crow bar, and started tearing apart the organ. The various wood pieces sold quickly.

Same with this vintage iron crib I had in the old days of 2006.

At first, it was a display piece, but after a while, I decided to sell it. No takers. So, one day I took it apart. Yep, you guessed it, it sold quickly after that. As a whole, it was pretty, but no one had the room for it. In pieces, it became the backdrop for flower gardens.

We've cut down doors, took apart cupboards and tables, knocked the glass out of countless windows. We had an old record player that had gotten wet and was nasty, dirty and smelly. We burned most of it, but it had a couple pieces that could be salvaged and cleaned well. Yep, they sold.

We have learned to look at not just what something is as a whole, but what it can be when it's taken apart. It's given us a whole new perspective on every piece of junk we run across.

Back to these........


What do you think they used to be?

Does this help any?

It was a playpen. When I took the sides off, I realized they would fold, resembling a drying rack. They would be cute on a table, displaying some old linens, or in a bathroom with towels, or........

The bigger piece with the bunny and beads would look cute hung on the wall of a nursery, or leaning against the wall of your front porch with plants surrounding it, or.......

When you start looking at things as to what they could be once taken apart, the ideas are endless.

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