Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slate, slate and more slate

A gentleman stopped in the store the other day, wondering if I would be interested in the slate he had in his garage. He said his wife used to paint on it, but she died a few years ago, and he no longer had any use for it. George went to look at it yesterday. He called me later, and said it was in good shape, and he had the back of the truck full. He even carried it all into the basement for me, and stacked it all neatly. What a guy!

That's a lot of slate! Please ignore the dirt on the carpet. I do.

Looks like I'll be doing lots of painting. The gentleman told me his wife liked to watch Bob Ross on TV, and she picked up her technique from him. I used to watch that show too. "Now, we'll paint a happy little tree", and in no time, Bob had lots of happy little trees.

This slate was in the pile, I assume it was one the gentleman's wife had painted. It definately has the Bob Ross look. How come I didn't manage to pick up that technique when I watched the show?

I like to paint things like stars, and sheep, and snowmen. Why? Because they're easy! Gotta love easy!

Actually, I used to paint some things that were similar to the above, but not as good. I think with some practice though, I could pick up that technique. Goodness knows I have enough slate to practice on!

I should have that whole pile of slate painted up in the next couple of days.

Ha! I crack myself up sometimes!

(And a sincere thanks to the gentleman for giving us the slate!!!)

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