Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A friend came in today, looking for an old chair. As she was looking at one, I asked if it was to sit in, or as a decoration - because the one she was looking at was definitely not a sitting chair.

No problem she said, it was just going to be a display piece for her handmade pillows at a craft show.

She liked the looks of it, and decided to get it. She carried it to the counter, paid for it, and started to pick it up to leave.


Our antiques are sold "as is", but this was a little toooooo "as is"! She hadn't taken 2 steps till it fell apart. Then fell apart some more. It's a good thing she's a friend. Thanks for laughing with me instead of yelling at me Debbie!

And yes, she got her money back. Well, actually, she bought something else instead, but I gave her credit for the chair. She said, "it's a good thing you told me not to sit on it!"

Then she said, "I think that one's a little TOO antique!"

It's in the back room now, licking it's open wounds, poor thing.

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