Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage cameras

I think there's a certain quaint charm about old cameras. My dad's old camera was tucked away in a closet for as long as I can remember. I used to get it out once and awhile just to admire it. I have it in my home now, with the intentions of creating a display with it and some old black and white snapshots.

The cameras in the photo below came from an auction.

Nothing fancy here, but I think they are cool. Look closely at the bag of camera supplies on the far left of the photo. You might be able to make out the never opened box of Kodak film.

It expired in 1965! I almost threw it away, but something told me to look on ebay.

I found lots of old film like that, selling for around $3 a box.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but why would anyone want film that expired in 1965? It can't still be used, can it? I'm sure there are lots of old cameras in working condition that would take that film, but could it really be developed when it's that old? My curiousity has certainly been aroused on this one!

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Jo said...

I would think collectors of cameras would also collect their accessories. And as you know, any collectible with an unopened box is worth more.

On the other hand, if someone did want to actually use the film, I wonder if someone who develops their own photos in a darkroom would have a chemical way to overcome "expired" film?

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