Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Country life = Country Colloquialisms

I've got a dough ball.
Translation: I ate too many doughnuts. (Or cake, or cookies, or........)

When Kevin asked last night if there were anymore French Breakfast Puffs, (and there weren't), someone said if you eat too many of them at once, you'll get a dough ball.

Kevin said at a job site he was working on a couple years ago, someone brought in doughnuts. Being the early 20 something guys they were, they each ate 6 or 7 doughnuts. Before long, they all felt like slugs, and could barely move around the shop.

He said to the other's, "I've got a dough ball."

They all said, "a what?"

"You know, a dough ball. That feeling in your stomach after you eat too many doughnuts."

Ahh, yes, they understood immediately!

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