Thursday, March 3, 2011

March First Friday and Saturday Event

This is our second Event, and I'm feeling extremely powerful. Apparently, we have the power to make it rain. Yesterday and today have been gorgeous days filled with sunny skies. Friday and Saturday are supposed to be full of rain. Humpf!

At least it's not supposed to be icy this time, like it was in February. That's a plus!

The door prize for March is 2 the two coffee pictures in the photo below:

These are nice and big, approximately 22 1/2 inches tall, by 10 1/2 inches wide. The door prize consists of both pictures. They retail for $55.00.

What do you have to do to win them? Just sign up at the store either Friday, March 4, or Saturday, March 5. Sign your name on the little slip of paper, drop it in the can, then wait to see if your name is drawn. I'll notify the winner on Monday.

Remember, ALL regular priced items in the store will be 20% off both days of the Event. All crafts? Yep, 20% off. Even antiques? Yep, 20% off.

And, for every $10 you spend during the Event, you will earn $1 in EVENT BUCKS. You can use those the rest of the month just like cash, for up to half off whatever you buy.

Hope to see you during the Event!

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