Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Under the "ya never know what we'll pick up at an auction" category, comes something new.

Need a bow?

We don't gift wrap for a few reasons:
  • It raises expenses, which raises prices.
  • It raises the need for more storage.
  • It raises the need for more help, which raises expenses, which raises prices.
  • It raises the knowledge that I'm a terrible gift wrapper
Seriously, I even have trouble with gift bags.
"Just stick it in the bag, stuff some tissue paper in, and voila!, you have a beautiful package"!

Uh-huh. YOU might have a beautiful package, I have a mess.

But I digress......I have a bit of a problem with that.
Sorry.........digressing again.

So..........since we don't gift wrap, I don't carry gift wrap...or bags...or bows.

But one night at an auction, 3 boxes of new bows came up on the auction block. I wasn't interested, but next thing I knew, my hand shot up with my bidding number. What did I do that for? And why didn't someone bid on them after me? Any other time they do, but right then, I might as well of been the only bidder in the room.

George had been carrying stuff to the car. He came back in, sat down beside me, then saw the bows in the chair in front of me. With no one else sitting beside them.

He looked at the bows, then at me, then at the bows, then at me.
"Did you buy those?"
"I have no idea.............let's go home!"

And so, we have bows. They are all new, from a gift shop that had closed. They are in reasonably good shape, though they have been sitting in boxes for awhile.

Which made them slightly crushed here and there. Some of the curlies came a little uncurled. But overall, they look good. But since they are no longer the perfect little bows they were meant to be, I'm selling them for 50 cents apiece, which is well less than half the original retail price.

Need a bow?

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