Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some new old stuff & April's Event

Some new old stuff - does that make sense? Hope so! 

One of my favorites is this display case table........

Right after I took this picture and uploaded it to the computer, it sold. It's really cool - the stars you see in it are a reflection of magnet stars on a board behind the table. When you lift the top glass, there is a mirror inside. Love it!

And how cool is this green bench! It seems to be pretty sturdy.

Nothing fancy about this little stepladder, but I like the simple lines of it.

I like the white stand/bookcase. Sometimes a skinny piece is just what you need for a small spot. Also new are the small shabby white shutters on top, and we picked up some more apple crates.

Speaking of shutters - check out this trifold one.

A few more wood boxes - we're always on the look-out for these.

The stools have seen better days don't ya think? But they have potential. I've had these for a couple months, thinking I would give them a re-do. I just don't have time right now, but someone else might, so we'll see if anyone is interested in them as is.

Another favorite - if you love quilts and cats like I do......then this is a winner!

For now, I think I'll keep the black rack for a display piece.

We've had this chicken crate for a good while, but it was rather hidden. After shifting things around, I was able to get it out where it can be seen. I've seen coffee tables made from these, by putting a large piece of glass on top, and/or attaching legs to the bottom.

And last, but not least.......a mystery photo.

A springy thing and a funnelly thing. What were they used for? Is it really a funnel? Your guess is as good as ours.

We also picked up more windows that need the glass knocked out. What can I say, we're gluttons for punishment. An old hanging bell, a couple crock bowls, a laundry paddle, sewing cabinet boxes, a picnic basket and a few other odds and ends round out our latest junking trip.

And, some vintage baby clothes - I'm pricing them today. They get their own post, so stay tuned!

AND.......DON'T FORGET!!! (sorry for yelling)

April's First Friday & Saturday Event is this week!!!
20% off ALL regular prices!
Door prizes!
Earn EVENT BUCKS to use later in the month!

Just think Open House - you get the idea.

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