Saturday, March 5, 2011

Event results so far

Well, our March First Friday & Saturday Event is over, except for the door prize drawing, which I will do Monday morning. This was our second of these Events, and so far, they are looking promising! Between the new, shorter hours, and the monthly Events, 2011 is an experiment in the making. Several people asked similar questions:

Question: Are the new hours working better for you?
My answer: Yes! 6 days a week in the shop was taking it's toll. It seemed sometimes that I lived there. Plus, I put in many, many hours at home on the shop, so it was literally taking over my life.

Now that I'm not there as often, I feel like I can breathe again. I brought all my paints home, where I have a much better set-up for painting. I'm getting MUCH more painted here than I ever did at the shop. Yes, I'm still putting many hours into it, but now that some of those hours are spent at my home workshop, I don't feel so tied down. I can paint awhile, then do other things.

And, now I have more time for junking!

Question: Is the shorter hours hurting the business any?
My answer: Honestly, right now, yes. Obviously, by losing 2 days in the shop each week, I'm losing 2 days worth of sales each week. BUT, I'm hoping in time, that will even out. How? Two ways: More inventory, and the Events.

More inventory, because I'll have more time for junking, scouting for antiques.
And, like I said above, I'm getting much more painting and other crafting done now.

The Events hopefully will make up for losing days each week. My goal is to sell as much (or more!) during the Events as I would have if I had been open 6 days a week. Is it possible? I sure hope so, and it's looking promising.

With your help, these will grow. I need your help - come to the Events, and tell your friend's about them. Also, if you're on facebook, I'd appreciate it if you would join us there, and suggest it to your friends too. I update the blog almost daily, and facebook 2 or 3 times a week, and I'm going to try to update facebook more often. The blog is great, and I'm enjoying it, and several of you have been kind enough to tell me that you are enjoying it too. But let's face it, the blog doesn't have the viral effect that facebook has. I need to reach as many folks as I can to make these Events work.

Question: Are you hearing complaints about the shorter hours?
My answer: Nope! At least not yet. And not to my face LOL. My customers have been very understanding, and encouraging.

So many of you have said to me, "you need to have a life beyond this store." Thank you for that!

And many of you have said to me, "you set the hours you need, we'll still make it in". Thank you for that too!

You all are very sweet!

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