Thursday, July 21, 2011

And the chicken layed an egg

Our chickens are supposed to start laying eggs around September. That's what the book said.

A couple weeks ago, the hens started making some new, suspicious sounding clucks. "They are going to start laying soon". That's what George said.

So, one evening, he and Kevin got the nesting boxes ready. A little hay in each one, and a golf ball. The golf balls are meant to give them the idea. No idea if that really works. That's what the book said.

Yesterday morning while I was at work, I got a phone call. "I fed the chickens, gave them fresh water and gathered the eggs". That's what George said.

Yep, 2 little brown pullet eggs. (Pullets are teenage chickens so to speak)

We didn't know how long they had been there in the sweltering heat, so we won't be eating them. But we sure have admired them!!!

Last night, we went down to check again, and we found 2 more........

As you can see, they are about the same size as the golf ball. How cute is that!

As of last night, the chickens all seemed to be sharing the same box, none of the others had been disturbed. But this morning, it looked like the entire bottom row has been checked out.

We're going to put a little ledge along the top 2 rows to make it easier for them to get into them. We have watched them fly up to their roosts enough times to know they aren't the most graceful creatures.

 Let's just say their aim isn't that great.

"If I had a ledge to land on, I could fly up to it, then step gently inside a box instead of flying up and whacking my head on the side of it". That's what the chicken said.

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