Friday, July 29, 2011

Gas range

If you have been in the shop, you may remember this old gas range, and another one that was similar to it....

We bought these several years ago at an auction, and George & I manhandled them into the shop. HEAVY!!! Luckily, a man happened to be walking down the street, & he jumped in and helped us out. The kindness of strangers!

At first they were display pieces, but after a couple years, I decided to sell them. No takers. Lots of folks admired them, & said the price was very reasonable.....but no takers. I gave a downright cheap price to anyone who seemed remotely interested.....but no takers. A few people said they would be back to buy them.......but none ever came back.

This went on for a couple years. They needed to go, the shop keeps getting fuller, and these HEAVY stoves were in the way.

So what is a shop owner to do? Sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

In the past, we have had big pieces of furniture that didn't sell. Especially organs. We took them apart, and the individual "architecture" pieces sold.

So..........we took the stoves apart.

We salvaged anything we could, starting with the cool doors.

We debated awhile, then decided to go ahead and keep the side panels. 

This is my favorite piece.
Since George was doing the actual "taking apart", I'm not sure where each piece came from.
So I don't know what this piece was, but it's still attached at the top, and if you spread the bottom a little, it forms an easel.

These are the burner rings, or whatever you call them. Don't they look like flowers? When they were on the stove, I never noticed that. When you start taking something apart, the detail suddenly jumps out at you.

We even saved the oven racks. They are rusty, which makes them very fashionable so to speak.
They would make good herb drying racks.

What couldn't be salvaged went to the scrap yard, so there are no parts sitting in a landfill.

Yes, it seems a shame to take apart such a cool piece of history. But, I tried to sell them as the complete package, I really, really tried. As I takers.

And I can't keep everything that doesn't sell, no matter how cool it is.
If I did, I'd become a TV star.
But...I don't really want my claim to fame to be that I was the featured Hoarder on cable TV!

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