Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My outdoor studio

Last Saturday, I set up an outdoor studio of sorts.
I'm sooo excited!

This spot under our deck stays shady all day.
It's absolutely glorious out there early in the morning.
I'd do a little work out there, but it wasn't set up for doing much.

The other day I had a light bulb moment.
George had made a potting bench out of old barnwood.
It was on the deck, but I never "potted" on it.

Hey! I could use that for a painting bench!


He helped me carry it down Saturday morning.
While I was at it, I did a little outdoor decorating.
We just bought that barrel at an auction...
it was supposed to be for sale at the store, but....
I talked myself into keeping it.

George & Kevin had made a cider press of sorts a couple years ago,
that's what the metal stand is behind it, with the wood tray on top.
It looks like it will empty into the barrel.
Not that it would hold much...there's no bottom in the barrel!

And, in case you're wondering...
yes, that's a ladder in the background hanging horizontally on the deck.
It was the hayloft ladder from the farm George grew up on.

Billy is showing you the "sit a spell" bench.
Behind it is our picnic table, which I can also use to paint on.

Beside it is another "table".
Any guesses as to it was used for?

George used it when he showed sheep at the fair.
He would lift the sheep up on it,
it's head would sit in the grooved out place,
and the collar was to hold it in place.

Then he could do whatever grooming etc. needed to be done.

From my new painting vantage point, I can look to the left and see...
uh-oh, part of the wood pile fell down...better re-stack that.

On out in the yard I can see the garden.
Uh-oh, it's getting very weedy, probably ought to work on that.

Behind me is the coop and the chickens.
Uh-oh, that blue water barrel needs put away.
Probably ought to do that.

But I'd rather paint!

So what was my first project out there?

Podiums seem appropriate since I was painting in God's country.

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