Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I HATE numbers

An accountant I'm not.
Nor do I have any desire to be.

It seems like all I've done today is look at numbers.

First, I couldn't get last months sales total to come out right. Finally found a mistake, but it still wasn't coming out right. After adding and re-adding, it finally did work, but I'm not sure why.

Don't know, don't care.
It worked, that's good enough.

Then, I discovered this afternoon that $185 was debited out of the store's checking account for an annual PCI compliance fee. (Has to do with credit card processing)

It's an annual fee, that I paid last December. It should be due again this December.
It was taken in June.

To add to the confusion, about the same time, I changed processor companies, and am in the midst of cancelling my old one. Not sure if that triggered something or not, but I'll be stopping at the bank first thing in the morning to get the debit reversed. If I'm late opening the store, you'll be able to find me at the bank.

I'll be the one banging my head against the desk.

Mumbling almost incoherently, "I haaattttte nummers. Haaaaate nummers."

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