Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cabbage and Noodles

We don't like cooked cabbage at our house.
But we have LOTS of cabbage in our garden this year.
We love coleslaw, and are eating it often.....
but I don't want to have it so much we get tired of it.
Since there's so much cabbage, I decided to try a cooked cabbage recipe.

I felt sure we wouldn't like it,
but it would only be wasting one head,
and the chickens could have the leftovers.

Well, whaddaya know?
We liked it. We really liked it!

The pictures are of the cold leftovers - which explains the noodle stuck to the far side of the bowl. And the chickens didn't get the leftovers - we heated them in the microwave, and they were just as good the second time around.

In case you're like us, and only THINK you don't like cooked cabbage, I'm giving you the recipe. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised too.


Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

1 tsp. chicken bouillon or 1 cube chicken bouillon
1/2 bag noodles
1 med head cabbage, chopped

Boil till noodles and cabbage are tender.
Pour off water.

Add 3/4 stick margarine

Stir together till margarine melts

Lots of room for your own variations here. I added a few hot pepper flakes. We think it would be good with some shredded pork stirred into it. The recipe called for a whole stick of margarine. I used 3/4 stick, but will try 1/2 next time.

Bottom line? We liked it so much that I'm going to freeze some cooked cabbage so we can have it this winter. You don't really taste the cabbage, mainly just the noodles.

We also discovered we like cooked zucchini. Zucchini bread is great, but again, you can only eat so much of it. Nor is it the healthiest of foods. So I started looking for recipes.

We've eaten it stuffed and grilled, and fried with green onions. All good. Will be trying more.

If you've ever grown zuchinni, you know it grows fast.
There's always a few that get overlooked till they are too big.
What do we do with those?

Chickens are very handy to have around.


Anonymous said...

I love cabbage...cooked or raw! Will have to try your recipe maybe with some browned hamburger meat added to it. Thanks for posting it.

Barb said...

You're welcome! Let me know if you like it, I think the browned hamburger meat would be a good addition.

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