Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

George and I went scouting for antiques yesterday. (AKA "junking")

It's funny how when we go, we usually seem to find several of a particular thing. Yesterday it was old wood boxes and porch chairs. Both good things to find! And a cool little mustard color table, along with some other odds and ends.

Pictures next week after I get them cleaned up. I hope to have them out on the floor by Monday afternoon.

Also getting shipments in on some imported stuff. Not as much fun as antiques, but a necessary part of the store inventory.

And....I have several craft projects started, and many more planned.

And......... still getting ready for the clearance sale on May 28th from 9-1 upstairs.

And..............we're getting a couple dry days, so we're trying to get some planting done in our garden.

Whew!!! Busy, busy, busy!!!

It's a good thing I'm sleeping good at night!

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