Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Display pieces

This is a full sheet (4x8) of gray vinyl lattice, attached to the wall.
We also have smaller pieces attached to the wall as well.

This is wood lattice, dry brushed white.
George framed & hinged 2 pieces together, so it's free-standing.
We used to take it to craft shows, back when we had time to go to craft shows.

This wood trellis used to be in our yard.
The bottom rotted off, so George just squared it up & attached it to the wall.

Under it is an old ironing board.
I keep several on hand - they're great to pull out in a hurry when a piece of furniture sells.
These are also great to use at home for a make-shift buffet when company comes.

This is a...it's a...well, I don't really know what it is.
When the elderly gentleman who lived out back passed on, his son gave it to me.
He said his dad had used it to store his coffee mugs.

Funny story about it.
At first, I tried to sell it.
No one......no one at all...was interested.

I started using it as a display piece.
Yep, you guessed it, now several people have asked to buy it.
But for now, it's not for sale...I like using it for a display piece.

And, it reminds me of the gentleman who used to own it, & it makes me smile.

Notice it's sitting on another old wooden ironing board.

We think this desk used to be a dorm room desk.
It has shelves on opposite ends, & drawers on opposite sides.

Lots of people have wanted to buy it too, but I've hung on to it for a display piece.

We also have a few wood bookcases we keep for display pieces.

For more shelving, we stretched some boards across the steps of 2 stepladders.
Quick, rustic and primitve shelving!

George built this shelving unit using 2 old shutters for the ends.
You can see that he just screwed wood pieces onto the inside of the shutter,
then placed boards on those to make the shelves.

We got the idea of hinging 3 doors together from another store.
We asked if they minded if we used their idea, and they graciously agreed.

Right now, we have vintage baby clothes displayed on one side of the doors.
Look closely at what some of the clothes are hanging on.
It's the bottom of a baby crib - the part the mattress laid on.
I just use clothespins to clip the booties etc. onto the wire.

Speaking of clothes...
Yes, I realize these table runners are not clothing.
But, they are hanging on a vintage clothes dryer.
No electric necessary.

This iron stand is......well, again, I don't know what it is.
There were 5 or 6 of them in the building when we bought it.
We have no clue what they were for, but I use them for displaying all sorts of things.

A close-up of the top of it.
Maybe it was a candle holder?

I know this one is hard to see.
I put a small branch with lots of twigs on it in a crock.
From the little twigs, I hang necklaces.

How's that for a primitive jewelry box?
I've also seen old garden rakes mounted on the wall, with the tines facing out.
Jewelry hangs from the tines.

I may try that one of these days, but for now...
all our garden rakes get used in the garden!

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