Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New stuff and a clearance sale keeps one busy

No pictures yet..........I can't seem to get the time. I've been getting lots of new stuff in. The old stuff all has to be cleaned, inventoried and tagged. The new stuff has to be unpacked, inventoried and tagged. This is all quite time consuming, along with rearranging what's already on the floor to accomodate the new stuff.

And in the midst of all this, I'm pulling stuff off the floor to put upstairs for the clearance sale. That all has to be UN-inventoried, and UN-tagged so to speak. Or rather re-priced, with a much lower clearance sale price.

I just haven't had time to take pictures, upload and edit them, download them to the blog or facebook, then write a bit about them. I keep carrying the camera.......maybe today!

The upstairs is coming together quite nicely - lots up there for the CLEARANCE SALE this Saturday morning, from 9-1. If it doesn't rain, there will be a few furniture pieces outside marked down too.

Hopefully I can get some pictures up before the sale to give you an idea of the things that will be up there. No promises, but I'll try! I'd like to actually go home and eat supper some evening - I've been working upstairs just about every evening for the last several days.

Does that sound like I'm whining?
I'm not. Nope. Not at all.

Well..................maybe just a teeny-weeny bit.

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