Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

I associate Mother's Day with geraniums. Why? Because my mom loved geraniums, and there were quite a few Mother's Day's when that would be my present to her.

Growing up, I mainly remember her having the red ones. When I became an adult, she liked the pink ones, and that is what I would give her.

But really, now that I think about it, I have to wonder - did pink become her favorite, or did she like to get pink geraniums from me for Mother's Day because pink was MY favorite? Hmmm.

Like a million other questions, I wish she was here so I could ask her. Mom started showing signs of Alzheimer's Disease in 1993, and it slowly (but much too fast!) took over her life. Alzheimer's has a nasty way of taking your loved one's from you twice. We lost her the second and final time in 2005. How I miss her!

I'm so thankful I had her. I know many of you think you had the greatest mom in the world. I don't know how to break this to you, but you didn't. You couldn't have, because MY mom was the best one in the world. At least that's what my sister and I think.

Mom gettting help blowing out the candles on her 64th birthday in 1989, from me, Jessica & Kevin.

And she was a wonderful grandma to Jessica and Kevin. Unfortunately, they were pretty young when she started slipping into Alzheimer's, so they don't have as many happy memories with her as they would like. But - they say the first 5 years of your life are the most formative, the years that make you who you are. And mom was very much a part of those years of their life, and she very much is a part of who they are now.

I hope there are geraniums in heaven!

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