Monday, May 9, 2011

Country life = Chickens and Turkeys

This morning, before coming into the store, I went to the coop to feed the chickens. It was a glorious morning, and I had a spare half hour, so I decided to plant some lettuce & spinach in the raised bed my dad had built behind his house - the house where Kevin now lives beside us.

As always, Billy came along. (Cats are supposed to be independant, but Billy didn't get the memo).

I was planting seeds under Billy's careful supervision when I noticed he got distracted. I also noticed a clucking sound coming from the opposite direction of the coop. Toward the lane...

I didn't have the camera with me, and probably couldn't have got close enough anyway, but strolling down the lane were 5 or 6 turkeys.

I was seeing them through the trees, but they looked alot like these ones, only they weren't in a group like this. Rather, they were walking single file down the road, like they didn't have a care in the world.

I hear turkeys almost every morning, usually from a different direction. But since it was such a glorious morning, they must have decided to go sight-seeing!

Billy and I just watched them for a couple minutes till they were out of sight, listening to them cluck or yelp or whatever it was the hens were doing. On the other side of us, we listened to the chickens pecking and scratching. And we listened to their peeps giving way to clucks as they are growing up.

And that will lead to another blog post about the chickens later in the week.
Stay tuned.......

And on a side note: (back to the business side of the blog)

Congratulations to Betty Hetrick of Moundsville!!! She won the door prize at the May First Friday & Saturday Event! The next Event will be June 3 & 4.

And don't forget, there will be a large clearance sale UPSTAIRS on May 28 from 9-1. That's Memorial Day weekend.

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