Wednesday, May 11, 2011

City life = The Invasion

If you have read my blog much, you may have noticed that many of my post titles start with Country Life =. These are usually about something going on with our life in the country.

Well, I'm calling this one City Life = The Invasion. Why?
Because the store is being flies.

You've probably heard the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.
Well, let me tell you, there's a difference between Town Flies and Country Flies.
I hate to be disrespectful of all you town folks, but your Town Flies are not too bright.

I've never had a problem with flies in the store before. Oh sure, the occasional fly would get it in, buzz around for a few hours, then get either a swat from me, or an escort out the door, where it would happily fly away to new adventures.

But these flies - these flies are strange. Very strange.

It started last week. A couple big flies showed up, hovering in the front window. If I walked around the store, they flew at me, and then hovered close by, but just out of reach. Like they were giving me some kind of warning.

A day or 2 later, there were more. But now they pretty much stayed in the windows. I knew it was getting out of hand when a dear lady said, "You have quite the collection of flies up here". Oh yeah, that's good for business.

I don't have a fly swatter at the store, I never really needed one. I've always been amazed that I could prop the front door open on nice days, and nary a fly would come in.

So, I folded up a newpaper, and started swatting. I got a couple, but most got away. Later that day, I was talking to a customer, and just as she looked away, a fly hit me right between the eyes. Smack! I was so glad she didn't see it. Another case of oh yeah, that's good for business.

Then I made a very odd discovery. I could put a tissue in my hand, and sneak up behind the fly. I usually couldn't kill it there, but it would then go down the window to the sill right above the floor. I could easily chase it with the tissue into a corner, and smash it.

I've been spending big chunks of my day on that rug, cornering flies at the bottom of the door. I've tried being nice - I have opened the door to let them out. But as I already mentioned, these flies are strange.

Very strange. If I open the door, THEY WON'T GO OUT!!! I've forced some out, and do you know what they did? THEY FLEW BACK IN!!!

Okay then. If they prefer death by tissue, I'm up for that. Some go to the display window to the left of the door. It's a little trickier. As you can see, I have to work around some furniture legs.

The display window on the right side of the door is trickier yet. See all those window frames in front of the display window? They lean against it. 

So, I gently lean them forward. (you can read a much more pleasant story about the windows here)

That exposes the window sill. (What's that crack across the window you say? Ask George - he'd probably love to tell you the story of the day he broke it. Hee hee.)

And on the window sill, I will find flies. Flies that are oddly attracted to death by tissue.

I'll kill a dozen or so at a time. That's all there appears to be.

And then....

About an hour later, I'll casually walk up to the windows. Where I will see about a dozen flies. Who are waiting to be cornered. Who will then become victims of the tissue.

What kind of weird flies are these?

I did a quick google research, and found some interesting & alarming facts on Orkin's website.

Did you know...

For every fly seen, there are an estimated 19 more hidden from view.

Oh great. That could explain why I only see a dozen at a time. But wait a minute, that means for each one in that dozen, there are 19 more. An hour later I see another dozen. And for each of them, there are 19 more. An hour later I see another dozen. And for each of them.......

I think I need a calculator.

And, did you know...

One pair of flies can produce more than 1 million offspring in as little as six to eight weeks.


And, did you know...

Flies plague every part of the world except the polar ice caps.

Well, I've got to go. An hour has passed, so it's time to get another tissue and go hunting again.

Then I have to pack.

If you need me, I'll be at the polar ice caps.

I may not have to go after all! I think I found the trick. I propped the door open for a couple hours. I checked every so often, and the flies were gone.

Apparently, if I FORCE them out the door, they rebel and come right back in. But if I prop open the door, and walk away, they think it's THEIR idea, and they go out. Maybe they are teenage flies.

In the country, we have screen doors to keep flies outside. But I guess here in the big city, I need an unscreened door so they will go outside. The things you learn...

I'm so glad I don't have to go to the polar ice caps. They are absolutely beautiful, but I was really looking forward to warmer weather.

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