Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Clearance Sale prep

I took the camera upstairs to get some pics of the clearance sale stuff, but didn't have time to use it. I'm a bit swamped right now getting ready for it.

I did lots of rearranging last night of the bigger pieces, now I can concentrate more on smalls.

The shop may start looking a bit empty the next couple of weeks. I'm taking more out, carrying it up the stairs, and adding it to the sale. There's lots of things here that have over-stayed their welcome! They are getting the boot!

I have new things ordered, and I want to make room for them. And, George and I are hoping to "go junking" this Friday. I'm almost afraid to say that out loud. Every time we plan it, the skies open, the rain falls, and we cancel. Maybe we'll have better luck this time!

Remember - the Clearance Sale will be UPSTAIRS on Saturday, May 28 from 9-1.

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