Saturday, June 11, 2011

Auction jackpot...and an anniversary

Yesterday's project?
Going to a large, 2 ring auction.

Today's project?

I saw a man & woman looking at a table of things at the auction.
He was sifting thru boxes.
She said, "how can you touch that dirty stuff?"

Guess she wouldn't want to come help me clean today.

I smiled at his answer..."It's good dirt."

Before we left, I told George...
"Don't buy any horse gear."
"I don't want any horse gear."

So, guess who bought almost all the horse gear?
The auctioneer found it quite amusing.

Today is also my mom & dad's anniversary.
They were married on this date in 1948.

This photo was taken in 1945.
Look how happy they are!
I miss them so much...

I was truly blessed to have good parents,
who had a good marriage,
and who put God first in their home.

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