Monday, June 20, 2011

West Virginia

George & I were born and raised in West Virginia, and we love our beautiful state.
Today is WV Day, when we celebrate becoming the 35th state on June 20, 1863.

I often think of the strife that surrounded that day.
We were born of the Civil War,
when the War Between the States literally tore the state of Virginia apart.

WV school students have our history drummed into them, especially in 8th grade, when all across the state, 8th graders study for the Golden Horseshoe Exam. We may not remember every detail later in life, but I think most West Virginians can come up with the basic knowledge of our history, thanks to the many great WV teachers who pass their pride in their state along to all those youngsters.

Maybe it's because we studied hard, and know our history so well
 that we get a bit peeved with this question from folks from other states......

"Oh, you're from (name any city in WV). Is that near Richmond?

Umm, no. Richmond is in Virginia. We live in WEST Virginia.

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.
 Almost Heaven, West Virginia.

And no, we don't go to the beach every day.
That's in Virginia too. Not WEST Virginia.

Oh well, we may not get the proper recognition
we deserve in the rest of our great country.
That's ok. We West Virginians are a proud lot.
We love our hills and valleys, our mountain ranges, and our scenic views.

Montani Semper Liberi
Mountaineers are always free
We hope if you aren't a West Virginian, you will come and visit.
We're a friendly bunch, and we like to show off our great state.
Come and sit a spell!

Just remember - you're still several hours from the beach.
Forget the bathing suit......bring hiking boots.
We have many mountain trails waiting for you!

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