Thursday, June 9, 2011

The table and chest...despite Mr. Murphy

Ha! When Mr. Murphy of Murphy's Law fame strikes, you just have to strike back!

When he made the orbital sander break down, and made me run out of paint, he delayed me a couple days, but I'm back on track now. The table and chest of drawers projects are done and in the store.

This table is made from simple plywood. It was unfinished - I just added black paint to the base, linen white to the top, and painted mustard stars in the corner for good measure. A little sanding from the new orbital sander, and voila - a perfectly prim side table!

You can see a little more detail on the top in this photo. I thought about putting a bigger star in the middle, but figured it would just get covered up by whatever will end up sitting on the table.

This chest of drawers need also got the black primitive treatment. Care to see what it looked like before the transformation?.................

Hard to believe it's the same piece of furniture! It was in the need of something....anything....anything at all!

If you look closely, you will see the the drawers don't line up just right. Not sure why.

I had the middle 2 drawers in and out and switched back and forth several times. I can't see anything that is obviously making them rub, but nevertheless, they do. The best solution may be to simply not shut them all the way. The bottom will shut fine, it just isn't shut in the photo. The 2 middle drawers are the problem ones.

Maybe this should be a guy's chest of drawers. What is it with guys that they don't shut drawers or cupboard drawers? George does - probably because he's learned what's worth fighting over and what isn't, and this isn't!!! But a couple other young men who are near and dear to my heart........well, no sense in mentioning any names.

A closeup of the primitive look. And the new knobs. They all match now, unlike before. I don't necessarily believe knobs should always match, I've seen some cool looks when they don't. But look again at the before photo - nope, those knobs just weren't working together! And, to top it off, one of them was on a bent screw, so it wasn't even sitting right.

So there Mr. Murphy, you didn't beat me! Not this time anyway.

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