Monday, June 27, 2011

Country life = Busy weekend

Busy, busy weekend!

Friday was spent looking for antiques. We didn't find as many as we had hoped, but did manage to pick up a few things. I could show them to you - but I forgot the camera.

We found something for our personal use that will re-shape the rest of our summer. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it tonight. What is it? Here's a hint......think COUNTRY.

Saturday was spent in the garden. It's been a rough garden year. Lots and lots of rain made for late plantings. Right after we planted, it got dry for several days, and we had to water. Now, we're back into heavy rains again. Saturday was the first day the garden was dry enough to step into for a week and a half. Any idea how many weeds popped up in that time? Geesh.

The unexpected upside to how much hoeing I've done in the garden this year? My normally aching back is feeling much better!

When we were driving through the countryside on Friday, we saw many big fields that didn't get planted this year. Instead of corn, or soybeans, they were empty, except for mud and water. Farming relies on the weather, and this year has not been kind to the hard-working farmers in our area.

Sunday morning was spent in church. Obligatory.

Sunday afternoon I took a nap. Bordering on obligatory.
(What is it about Sunday afternoons that makes one lazy?)

Sunday evening Kevin and I made plans for the personal thing his dad & I bought that screams COUNTRY. More on that to come..........

How was your weekend?

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