Thursday, June 30, 2011

July's Event

Not long ago, Kevin said, "Those monthly Events you're having sure make time fly."

How right he was!
Yes, another month has flown by, and it's that time again!

July's First Friday & Saturday Event is this week.
July 1 & 2.

ALL regular priced items will be 20% off both days!!!
A door prize.........

Framed Billy Jacobs print. Retail value $29.99

 And a change will take place this month...........

We've been having Event Bucks - the chance to earn Bucks depending on how much you spent at the Event. They were to be used later in the month just like cash.


They didn't catch on.
 I have friends on a business forum in other parts of the country that did something similar.
 They used them at Christmas, calling them Frosty Bucks, or Snowman Bucks.
 They had great success with them.
I thought it was a great idea to use at my Events.

I thought wrong. (Not the first time! Probably not the last time!)

My customers just didn't "get it".
 I probably didn't explain them well enough.
 And, as far as I know, it's a new concept around these parts.
Very few of the Event Bucks came back in.
 The customers who did bring them back in
really didn't understand what kind of discount they were getting.

Sooooooo, no problem. Time for a change.

Now, instead of Event Bucks,
 I'm switching to Thank You Coupons.

If you buy anything at one of the Events, you will get a Thank You Coupon.
 It will be good for 20% off a single item anytime the rest of the month.
 (excluding sale items & gift certificates)

Much simpler!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Friday 9:30 - 5:00.
Saturday 9:30 - 2:00.

Closing early Saturday due to the holiday. Jessica & Brian are coming home. Yayyyyyyy!!!!

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