Thursday, June 23, 2011

More auction goodies

We're still getting things on the floor from that big auction we went to several days ago. Some more of the goodies we found...........

No idea what this is - something to do with dairy. I did spend some time on dairy farms when I was a little girl, but since I was afraid of the cows (so big!), I didn't pay much attention to the equipment either.

This is a big, heavy scale of some sort. I don't know what it would have weighed. It is really cool looking!

The back of the scale. I going to leave it as is for a little while. If no one is interested in it in it's present rusty condition, I'll give it a paint make-over. My first thought was black, but then I thought maybe red. What do you think?

Remember the other baby buggies from the auction? This is the third one. How cute is that? It doesn't have a "floor" in it. You could put one in easily enough, or use it as is in a flower garden, letting flowers grow up through it.

This old bird cage was very hard to get a picture of. It needed a good backdrop, but the store is too full right now to find a good backdrop. Not that I'm complaining - just sayin'. The stand it's hanging on is around 5 feet tall. The cage is wood - very fragile. I don't know how old this is, but I'm guessing it goes back a ways.

Same with the parasol laying on the chair. It's paper! And very brittle. And very, very, cool. When you open it, it creaks a bit. I'm afraid to open it all the way, for fear of breaking it.

As for the chairs, there are 6 of them. I'm selling them individually, or as a set at a discount. You can see in the photo, one has a missing knob on top.

If you look closely at the pitcher and bowl, you'll see what happens when you're at an auction, and you bid without looking first. The set is in bad shape, lots of cracks, and even a chunk out of the pitcher. Someone along the way glued it together, and really, they did a good job. It's nice and solid, though the cracks still show.

A couple trunks. They aren't in the greatest shape, I admit. But, they do look better than they do in the picture. I soooo need to get a new camera!

It doesn't show well in the photo, but 1942 is stamped on the inside lid of both trunks.

The 2 bottom boxes are tool boxes. The top one is luggage.....I think. If only they could talk!

Corn planters. A bit on the rusty side. Ok, ok. A lot on the rusty side. We actually have a corn planter hanging in our kitchen. Yep, we're country.

This has had folks stumped. The auctioneer said it's a flax card. When we used to have sheep, we had wool cards, but the individual spikes weren't nearly this long. Basically, the cards are used to comb out the wool. That's after it's sheared, not while it's on the sheep!

We still have a few more things left from this auction to clean and put out on the floor, including 2 mantles. Stay tuned.

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