Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some of the auctions finds

It's taking longer to get the latest auction finds out on the floor. Life has a funny way of taking over sometimes. The following photos are a good sampling of the types of things we bought.

This was definately a farm auction. What do I mean by that? Lots of rusty crusties!

Like these. What are these you ask? Autoclaves. I think.

And what is an autoclave? A sterilizer. I've sold these before, and that is what I thought they were, and what I've been told they were. But one of these says The Toledo Cooker. So, now I'm confused.

Doesn't take much.

Rusty barn lanterns.

An oil can and some other can on the left.

A milk can and some other can on the left.

See how knowledgable I am?

I do know these are kraut cutters.

And these are metal dishpans.
I wouldn't recommend using them for dishes at this point.

I like this cubby/organizer/desktop thingy.

What is this? Any guesses?

Does this help?
Old baby buggies for baby dolls.

The first one is just, uh, missing something.
But, I think the frame is cool.

An organ stool.

The color didn't show well, but these are pink.

I was about out of crocks, so I was happy to find more.

Little childs rocker. Nice and solid.
A cool green, that also didn't show well in the photo.

Some wheels. Already sold the biggest one before I got a picture of it.

They called the thing on the left a waterer.
The 2 round wood pieces are hat molds.

There's still lots to bring in.
Some of the coolest pieces are still waiting on the water hose.
Stay tuned!

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