Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"New" old stuff

Now that the clearance sale is over, I can finally take a little time to get some pictures on the blog. And by the way, we WILL be having another clearance sale UPSTAIRS in the fall. Keep watching here and on facebook for a date.

Isn't this cubby hole piece cool? I have no idea what it's original use was. Maybe it was in an office? Or a workshop?

A perfectly shabby corner stand.

This is a child sized table, it would probably work for a coffee table, or on your porch. When we are out looking for antiques, I usually don't let on that I have a shop. Some folks don't want to sell to dealers.

(funny, but I really don't think of myself as a "dealer")

Anyway, the man who had this table really talked it up, pointing out the mustard colored paint, and how popular that is right now. I didn't let on that I am very much aware of how popular mustard colored paint is. After I bought the table and some other pieces from him, he handed me his business card. I wasn't surprised at all that he is a car salesman. He definitely knew how to do a sales pitch!

I'm always on the look-out for shabby chairs. It's a wonder I didn't lose one of these ones though. After I closed up the other evening, I walked to a nearby restaurant. After eating, I walked back to the store. And there I saw the white chair sitting outside. On nice days, I often put some furniture pieces outside while I'm open. When I closed up, I overlooked the white chair. If I had left it out all night, I have a funny feeling it would have "walked" away in the night.

These two chairs had very wobbly legs, so I just took them off. Hanging shabby chairs are cool too.

Fence piece sections look great in flower gardens.

I've had this bench for awhile, but it was sort of hidden, and most people didn't notice it. It's nice and sturdy, and it's also sort of a mustard color.

George made the coat rack laying on it from a piece of barn wood and some old hooks.

What is this thing? No idea to be honest. It looks like it's some sort of tank that has been cut down. I think it would be pretty with flowers growing out the top, and spilling thru the hole in the bottom. A built in drainage hole!

We also bought several old boxes, some of which sold before I could get pictures, along with some other old things. One man's junk is truly another man's treasure!

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