Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

The news media is all over Black Friday. The deals, the crowds, the frenzy. Did you participate? If you did, more power to ya. It's not for me - as Jessica said, "there's nothing out there I need that much". Amen.

I didn't open my shop at midnight, or at 4 in the morning. I opened at.....GASP!.....the late hour of 10:00. You see, my Black Friday customers tend to be the folks who wanted no part of the frenzy. They are more interested in a slower pace, a more relaxing atmosphere.

I did get some afternoon shoppers who are winding down from their early morning excursion, and I appreciate that they included my shop in their busy day.

Next is Small Business Saturday. That idea seems to be taking off across the country, and I'm sure I speak for most mom & pop stores when I say we appreciate that. Somehow I doubt the media will talk quite as much about it, but at least it's getting an honorable mention.

I'll have the shop open for that as well. So, on Small Business Saturday, the shop will be open from 10 to 3. Maybe longer if folks are still coming in. Saturday's tend to die down around that time, so we'll see.

Wherever you live, please remember the small businesses in your neighborhood. We can't do all the glitzy promotions, or offer the deep discounts. But we can offer knowledge about our products, friendly help, and a slower pace that gives you a chance to actually pick something up and look at it without being in someone's way.

We truly, truly appreciate our local customer base who share bits of their busy lives with us!

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