Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday and Saturday results

Black Friday came and went without too much fanfare in my shop. Several folks came in (thank you!), but of course I didn't get the crowds the malls do.

 But then came Small Business Saturday.....

Imagine my surprise at the lines outside my door!

Customers were patiently waiting at the front door...

I opened the front doors, & the mad rush began!

And then I woke up.

Ok, ok, none of this actually happened. Not at my store anyway. (Isn't it fun to google something as simple as Black Friday crowds?)

But I did have a busy day on Saturday. Without the stress of fighting crowds.

I send out a sincere thank you to all of you who did come in - not just on Friday and Saturday, but every day of the year. Your support means more than I can ever say, and I truly appreciate all of you!

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