Monday, November 28, 2011


Holiday Hours are now in effect.

10 - 4:30

10 - 3

I'm going to close at 4:30 instead of 5:00. Why? I'm having trouble driving in the dark. It seems to be getting worse every year.

A few years ago, I started having trouble at night if it was raining, and I was in the town lights. Out on the ridge, I was fine.

Then, I started having a bit of trouble in the rain even on the ridge.

This year, I'm having LOTS of trouble in the rain even on the ridge.

And even when it's not raining.

I'm not taking chances. I did that once in the ice and totaled the car. (I should have listened to George and stayed home that day!!!) Sooooooooo........I'm closing earlier. Being your own boss does have certain advantages!

Actually, I have no problems driving at night when no one is coming towards me. It's those darned oncoming headlights that are the problem. Is there some way I can convince everyone else to stay off the roads after dark till I get safely to my destination?

I didn't think so.

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