Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Store scale

We picked this scale up at an auction this past summer. Talk about heavy!!! It's rusty as can be, which depending on your perspective, either adds to it's charm or takes away from it.

I've been wondering how it would look painted. I keep visualizing either red or white.

Last night, I was watching an old episode of The Walton's on tv. During a scene in Godsey's Store, I realized Ike Godsey was standing in front of a scale just like this one! I wanted to say, "Ike, please move over! I want a closer look at that scale!"

It was white - and pretty as could be. Since that particular episode was set in the mid 1940's, I'd say that's the era my scale is from.

Now when I watch The Walton's, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled during scenes from Godsey's Store. I want to see that scale again!

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