Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recent auction finds

These are a few of our recent auction finds...

This old dresser is pretty, but unfortunately, the top on the right side is broke.
Not sure how hard it will be to fix, because one section is warped.
We're selling it cheap due to that.

Old radio case, the "guts" have been removed.
On the floor beside it is a press - a sausage press I think.

Old farmhouse table - red top with white legs.

Or, if you prefer, how about one with a white top, and red legs?

Who can tell me what this is?
It's a sheep shearer - one person would turn the crank,
while the other would shear the sheep with the knives
that would have been attached to the wand part.
When my dad was a boy, he was the cranker.

Who can tell me what this is?
Seriously, can anyone tell me?
We don't know.

I thought the auctioneer said "baking table", but now I don't think so.
The metal top lifts off, and inside is 2 compartments.
Look closely, at the bottom of each compartment is a drain, or spigot.
As if it held liquid.

The farm had been a dairy, so maybe it's for holding milk?
On the front of each compartment, it says IDEAL.

I did a quick google search, but didn't find anything.

Thanks to a facebook fan, I now have the answer....
It is a washtub, and was used in a dairy.
Not for milk (whatever possessed me to think that?)
For water...for cleaning.

Thanks Jane!!!!

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