Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beware of scams

Recently, I started listing some furniture on Craigslist, under furniture by dealer. For contact info, I didn't show my actual e-mail, but instead used the anonymous email Craigslist provides you. I thought that would help prevent scams, but I was wrong.

I got a couple e-mails that looked suspicious, so I deleted them. A few days ago, I got another one that made me wonder, but it was legit looking enough that I responded. The fellow wanted to know if a cupboard was still available, and if I could send him more photos of it. I replied that it was still available, and he could come in doing regular business hours to see it, but I could not provide more photos.

He replied back (in broken English) that he'd buy it. He wanted me to tell him the amount; then he'd send me a cashier's check for more than that. This was to be his commission, as he was buying it for his boss. Then, within 24 hours, I was to send him a check for the difference, and he'd send a shipping company to pick up the cupboard.

Yeah, right.
That went straight into the delete folder.

Since I don't have the mind of a scammer, I'm not sure how this works. I assume the idea is that I'd take the fake cashier's check to the bank, but it would take a few days for them to see that it was fake. By the time they discovered it, my good check would already be in the scam artist's filthy hands, and I'd be out. 

How disgusting is that?
It's a scary world out there.

I've also heard that there are fake $10's and $50's going around locally.

If these scammer's would only put their "skills" into honest work............

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