Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here a mess, there a mess, everywhere a mess-mess!

The store is a mess!
I thought about taking photos, but I don't want to show it to anyone.
Obviously, you can see the main store if you come in - the holes left after Christmas shopping.
The display windows that are practically bare.

But the back rooms....
I don't want to look at them, let alone let anyone else look at them.
One is full of odd & ends Christmas supplies.These will be used to decorate trees & wreaths for next year.
But right now, they are strewn all over, covering every surface. I hope to have them packed neatly away this afternoon.

The other room is full from our "junking" trip yesterday. We drug everything in last night, now it needs cleaned and priced.

The upstairs is filling up with stuff that's been around too long. It's being pulled off the floor, and taken upstairs. We'll have a big clearance sale this spring to move that out.

Our basement at home is filling up with craft projects. When I change to the new hours in 2011, I will have more time to work on those.

Everywhere I look, there's a mess!
Well, our house is clean. One of the advantages of hosting Christmas!

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