Monday, December 20, 2010


Of all the times to have camera problems!

The Monarch Choir from John Marshall High School came in a little while ago, singing carols. To have them stand before you and sing in the small confines of the shop is truly something to hear. Such beautiful voices!!!

After they sang, they crowded in for a picture, which wasn't an easy task. There's not much room for that many girls in big winter coats to manuever. But they struck a pose, I snapped a picture, and they left, still singing.

I rushed to the computer to put their picture up here and on facebook. I put the picture card in..........and got an error message - PICTURE CARD ERROR.


Girls.............come back!

But, they were gone.


I took a random picture to see what would happen, and it happened again. So, I formatted the card, and now it seems to be fine.


Well, anyway, my sincere thanks to Mrs. Reva Icard and the Monarch Choir for coming. I truly, truly appreciated it. And we'll try for that picture again next year. Merry Christmas!!!

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