Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End table and checkerboard table

This end table came from a "junking" trip. It's very sturdy, and rather heavy.

As you can see, the finish was in bad shape.
Black paint and sandpaper to the rescue............

Much better! There's a drawer in the front. The back has a large opening for a stack of magazines.

While I had the black paint out, I did a semi-rescue on this checkerboard table.

You can't really tell from the photo, but it has some "issues". George bought this at an auction without looking closely at it.

It's a nice sturdy table, but the checkerboard part has separated from the border part. On one side especially, there was a noticable gap. Also, there were several water rings etc. from drinking glasses.

It would be hard to fix the gap, & it wasn't really worth it because of the water rings.
So, I decided just to paint the border black. That hid some of the water rings, & now the gap isn't nearly as visible.

There's still a dark water ring right in the middle...we'll just call that "character"!

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