Saturday, December 4, 2010

Looking for ideas

As stated in red at the top of the blog, & detailed in the FAQ's at the bottom of the blog, the shop will be making some big changes in 2011. To get ready, I'm doing some "clearing out". We have lots of inventory that's been hanging around too long. I'm in the process of packing it up, and this spring we're going to have a giant clearance sale. The plan is to have it UPSTAIRS - I'm excited about that, we've never had the upstairs open. More details on that will come in 2011.

That will leave lots of holes to fill. By being open shorter hours in 2011, I'll have more time for crafting, and for "junking", bringing in more vintage & antique items.

So I'm wondering.......

What would you like to see in the shop? I'm looking for ideas. What type of crafts do you wish I carried? What antiques are you looking for? Obviously, I can't promise to carry what each customer is looking for, but if several people mention the same thing......then maybe it's something I should think seriously about.

Feel free to leave a comment here. (Don't worry, I only see what you want me to see - you can leave your name, or remain anonymous). Or, send me an email at Put Ideas in the subject line. Or stop in and tell me at the shop. Seriously, I'd like to hear your ideas!

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