Friday, December 3, 2010

Some "new" old stuff

Love, love, love old crocks...

And old benches

We have 4 of these chairs

This little child's ironing board works just like moms!
It folds up, and has 2 heights. Unfortunately, 1 leg is cracked, so it's wobbly.
The long box would make a great shadowbox.

Wood box, sad iron and miscellaneous

These pictures are BIG! Like you would buy in a furniture store. Where oh where am I going to display these?

I'm not normally a big fan of  blonde furniture, but I like the legs on this table...

Just what every woman needs - she puts her feet up on this shoe store stool, and her husband gently puts her shoes on her in the morning. Well, a girl can dream can't she?

We got some other things too, another old fashioned popcorn popper, bar stools (they need some work),a box full of glass insulators, a coffee table (I may distress it) and a few other treasures.


Prior said...

This is some great stuff! Love the long box and the old benches. Lezlee

Barb said...

Thanks Lezlee. It sure is tempting sometimes just to take it all home! I enjoy seeing customers take it home with them too though.

Deborah said...

H Barb!
Im your newest follower (purehunnybee)
Cute shop!
Do you sell those crocks? If so could I get prices and do you ship to Canada?



Barb said...

They are for sale Deborah, but just in the store. Shipping on these would be very high, because they weigh so much. Thanks for the compliment!

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