Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two tiered table

This is a newer pressed wood table that I picked up on a "junking" trip.
The finish was bubbled, & I have no idea if that can be fixed or not.
I sanded it down a little, painted it black...added splotchy mustard color stars...and sanded again.

George looked at it, & had nothing to say. I knew what that meant...he didn't like it!
Him - "why are the stars so splotchy?"
Me - "the finish wasn't good enough to do a "neat" job."
Him - "oh, hmmm."
Me - "don't like it?"
Him - "eh, it's not my favorite."

Oh well, he usually likes my "make-overs", & he likes the primitive look.
Just not this particular one! No problem - I like it!

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