Monday, December 20, 2010

Country life = Almost ready

I had a very sucessful "get ready for Christmas" weekend.

The shopping is 97.4% done.
The wrapping is 94.7% done.

Our "big" present to Kevin this year is that George & I are paying the installation fees for hi-speed internet in his house. I don't know how we're going to wrap up the technician who is coming this week to install it. I'm thinking he is probably going to want to go home and spend Christmas with his own family, so I don't think he will let us keep him in a box.

The Christmas cards are in the mail as we speak. I heard on the news this morning that today (Monday) is the biggest day of the year for the post office. The report said that their volume is up 40% today.

When did I mail mine? This morning. Sorry Mr. Postman (Ms. Postwoman). I didn't mean to add to your burden today. I appreciate what you do. I really do.

The house is 81.2% clean. Still working on that. Sorry family, it won't reach 100%. But maybe we can shoot for low to mid 90's.

Oh - don't worry, I didn't spill the beans on Kevin's present. He knows. It didn't seem right to let someone in his house for a couple hours without his knowledge.

Merry (there's only a few days left to get ready) Christmas!!!!!!!

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