Monday, January 10, 2011

A bit overwhelmed

Such a busy time........but not with customers. Sadly, customers aren't too abundant this time of year, so it's slow in the shop.

Yet, very busy.

Paperwork. All the end of the year tax and inventory stuff. Ugh. Hate that.

Rearranging. I moved the remaining Christmas to a back wall. What's left is marked way down, and I'll probably leave it there till the end of January.

Making a Valentine's Day spot. Making Valentine's Day crafts.
Not so much designed just for Valentine's Day, but more a general love/heart theme that can be used year round.

Getting a spring section started. I recently picked up a large number of vintage clay flower pots. Love the patina on them. Nothing fancy, just a great patina.

Cleaning & pricing vintage pieces picked up on recent junking trips. And finding room on the floor for them.

Unpacking and pricing a recent shipment. Some of it is snowmen - do I put them out now, or wait till next year? Maybe a little of both, some have hearts on them.

Filling in lots of "after Christmas" holes. The mailman remarked this morning that it's empty in here.Uh-oh, I'm thinking it's really bad if he noticed!

Crafting, crafting, crafting. I'm so glad I have time for more of that now with the new hours.

Sleeping.......oh wait, I can't do that here.

Can I?

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