Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take it apart!

If something has been sitting for a while in the shop, we start looking at it in a different light.
For instance..............

These hearts are made from a pink chenille bedspread that I couldn't sell.
Even for $9.99!
The picture is really washed out, these are a very pretty shade of pink.
Granted, the bedspread was not in mint condition,  it has stains here & there, even a couple paint splotches.
(Don't ask, I have no idea how that happened)

I decided to cut it up, and my oh my, I could make bunches & bunches of these little pink hearts!

Similar story with quilts ( no paint though).

I don't have any of these pillows anymore, but what a great re-use of an old quilt!

The 2 pics above show 2 re-uses.
Hearts cut from old quilts, & cut-up sheet music.

I know some crafters make copies of sheet music etc. for an endless supply.
I can see the wisdom in that if you are creating large amounts of crafts using old ephemera.
But for my limited use, & since I have a pretty good supply, I'm just cutting up what I have.
If I run out, so be it...besides, there is always more showing up at auctions.

I picked up this old frame somewhere, & decided to experiment.
Again, this is real, vintage sheet music.
As is this next one framed in an old window........

Can I be honest?
I can't decide if I like these or not!
Have you ever felt that way after crafting something?

Well, someone may love them, and give them a good home.
Hoping so anyway!

I painted these simple word signs on slats from a wood bucket that fell apart.

And speaking of wood.......
I wish I had pictures of the pump organs that we took apart.

We have discovered that old pump organs have really cool wood pieces.
Really cool architectural pieces.

Don't take apart an old organ if it's in good shape!
But, if it no longer works, or is coming apart, look closely at the detail in the wood.

We've had great luck selling the wood pieces from them, and we're always on the look-out for more of that type of thing to take apart!

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