Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enamel table tops

On a recent "junking" trip, I found 4 enamel tops from a table.
The dealer must have thought he'd never get rid of them, because he more or less begged me to take them, even offering to throw one in free if I bought the rest.

I readily agreed, because I've learned not just to look at something for what it was, but also for what it can be now.

And now, I see magnet boards...........

These are the smaller side pieces from an old table.
On one of them, there is a stamp on the bottom that says 1947.
I assume that was the year it was made, though it could have been a model number.

This next one is bigger, the full table top............

That would hold lots of magnets!
I also wonder if these could be used as dry erase boards. It seems like those dry erase markers would wipe off the enamel surface. I'm not going to test it because I don't have any of those markers, and I'm not going to buy one because they give me an instant headache.

Does anyone know if that would work?

I can see these hung on a wall, like a chalkboard, especially the big one.
What a great message center! Either as a dry erase board, or messages tacked up with magnets.
What a great place to show off your kid's artwork!

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