Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Country life = Goats!

They say March comes in like a lion, or a lamb.
 In our world, the New Year came in like a goat!
Our neighbor called to see if we wanted to come out and see the new babies.
That would be a resounding YES!

"Hey, can someone let me out of here?"

It's a hard life being a baby goat - must take a nap!

Most of the baby goats are around a week old in these photos.

"Um, can you excuse me while I feed the twins?"

Look at the little one peeking out around mama.

Jessica was thrilled to spend some time in the goat barn. She's a country girl at heart, but is living in the big city. And what is she doing in the big city? Yearning for the day when she can again be a country girl.

Or at the very least a girl with a yard.
And a garden.
And maybe a baby goat.

The goats are in what used to be a dairy cow barn, as you can see by the cow stanchions that are still in place.

Um, Kevin, don't stick your head in a cow stanchion. You never know who might show up with a camera!

I found it extremely funny that a "bull" was in the stanchion. He didn't find nearly as much humor in that as I did. Hee, hee - it still makes me laugh.

Sorry Kevin.

This may have been my favorite shot of the day...
George, Kevin and our neighbor talking outside the barn.

Who says we don't have high fashion in the country?
These boys are ready to work. Or talk.

Let me tell you, when these 3 get together, they can do some serious talking!


Amy said...

I love the pictures of the goats and the comments. I truly believe you when you said when those 3 get together that they can do some serious talking! Sometimes, I want to build a house on the farm and embrace being there near mom and dad and working part-time instead of full time with the AF. Hope to see you late spring/early summer.

Barb said...

Thanks Amy! I hope to see you when you come home, I'm looking forward to meeting your little ones. I hope you get to come home to live someday, if that's what you want. I know it's hard to be away from your family - and you have such a great family!

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