Saturday, January 22, 2011

They're everywhere!

Computers that is!

We just upgraded to a new computer in our house. We were waaaaaaay overdue. We haven't had internet access at home for a few years. All we could get was dial-up: not only was it slow, it usually froze the computer up.

We recently decided to bite the computer bullet and pay the extra for a satellite connection (no cable available where we live). We're splitting the cost with Kevin, and sharing the wireless connection. (Shhh!) Actually, the technician who installed it knew of our plan, and offered tips!

That meant upgrading to the new computer. We just today got it set up, and have the wireless working. Yay!

Now for the everywhere part:
We have 2 old computers in the house. How old? Well, one is from..................

are you ready for this?...............

it's from 1995!

I know! In the computer world, that's right after Noah's Ark!

Then, I started looking around. I found another monitor. Where did that come from?!?
Then another keyboard. And another mouse. And 2 sets of speakers. And cables.

And floppys! Not much call for those these days!

Why did we keep all this stuff? Because..........because..........well, I have no idea!
Maybe because when you spend $1000 bucks on something, it's kind of hard to throw it away.

But, as we just learned, there's not much point in keeping that old stuff - they can't even physically be joined to the new ones! We have an old printer, it's not great, but it works - or at least it worked with our last computer. It can't even be connected to our new one. Not that the inner workings aren't compatible, we'll never know the answer to that, because there is nowhere on the new machine to stick the cable!

Maybe we're the only ones who are surprised by that bombshell. It's entirely possible that the rest of the world kept up with that knowledge, while we were busy in the garden.

So, there's really no reason to keep the old stuff. On both of the old computers, the on/off switch is just about gone. I plugged in the 1995 model this morning, just to make sure there isn't anything on it we want to keep. I literally had to hold my finger on the push button to keep it on - if I let go, it went off.

So, all the old equipment is going out the door, and all that money it took to buy it to begin with.

We stepped out of the garden into times that are a changin'!

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