Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country life = TV problems

Am I showing my age if I remember when we actually stood up, walked across the room, and changed the TV channel?

Not that it took very long, when I was a kid, we got channels 7 & 9.
And sometimes 2, 4 and 11, but they were snowy, and not much fun to watch.

Back to the present day, we can't get cable at our house.
It comes out so many miles from 1 town, & so many from another.
We're in the middle, & cable doesn't reach us from either direction.

So, we've had Dish Network for several years.
It's worked pretty well, a few minor issues, but pretty well over all.

Except for the remote. It's been giving us fits for months. George called once about it, but of course it started working just as Dish answered.

Since then, we have learned how to "baby" it along.
Don't push that button, or this one won't work.
Don't use it to turn the TV on or off.
Don't look at it cross-eyed.

But today, it got stuck, & refused to move. The Dish technician on the phone was trying to help. But nothing he suggested would work. Finally, he told me to take the smart card out of the reciever. I did.
He said, "now you see such & such screen?
I still see the screen it's stuck on.

I loved his technical response.
"That's weird."

Yep. I agree.
I really loved his next words.
"We'll be sending you a new remote in the next few days."

Thank you.
Now, I'm off to craft more hearts for Valentine's Day.

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